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Publishing Caribbean Writers

Traditional Publishing Submissions

  Bamboo Talk Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts from Caribbean authors living in the Caribbean or the Caribbean Diaspora. Please send a query email with either three chapters, or five poems before submitting your entire manuscript. We will respond to all queries as quickly as we can. We accept quality writing in the following genres: novels, novellas, short stories, plays, art, articles and poetry

Print on Demand

  Bamboo Talk Press also offers an opportunity for promising manuscripts to get published at a cost to the author. We maintain the right to refuse manuscripts that we believe don't fit our vision.  At a cost, we can offer editorial, design, layout, print, distribution and book launch services. Query for further information. each project is unique and requires individual attention.

We are dedicated to publishing quality fiction and non fiction from Caribbean nationals.

We offer Traditional publishing, e-books and Print on Demand Services.


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